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Military Suspense

Wings of Gold Series

How could "the best of the best" not make the most awesome heroes?

Cleared Hot -- Tracy Tappan



Wings of Gold novella:

Lieutenant Albert “Bobcat” Bobcheck, Eric “LZ” O’Dwyer’s roommate in flight school, stars in this uplifting novella of second chances.

High school sweethearts Albert Bobcheck and Jessica Larsen parted ways one heartbreaking prom night. Now ten years later, Jessica has a fulfilling career—except she is anything but fulfilled—and Albert is a Navy helicopter pilot for the HSM-48 Vipers out of Mayport, Florida. Currently deployed off the coast of Iran, Albert is thrown unexpectedly into a SEAL mission gone wrong…so wrong he faces his final moments on earth. Will tragedy separate Albert forever from the only woman he ever loved? Or will it offer him the second chance he always wanted?

* * *

This book is offered for FREE to people on Tracy Tappan’s Author Update list. Please click HERE to download your copy now! Available in eBook only.

** This novella is also available as a part of the Wings of Gold Set, which includes both BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY and the introductory novella, EIGHTBALL TWO-THREE, exclusively on Amazon, and FREE to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.


Jessica paused in the doorway of one of the hospital’s private rehabilitation rooms and clutched her clipboard so hard her knuckles throbbed. A delicate shudder ran up her spine as the years peeled away, hurling her back in time…although not all the way back. Albert’s face was just too different to return completely to high school. Pared of the last of its boyhood softness, his jaw was now sharply carved, his cheekbones firmer, and the overall aspect of him, more masculine. Although he still had plenty of the boyish charm that had always made her swoon, brown hair cut short, blue eyes alive with whatever thought or feeling happened to be on his mind.

He lounged on a padded version of an examination table—built extra wide to allow for all kinds of stretches—dressed in shorts and a navy blue T-shirt stamped on the left breast with a Mayport, Florida, helicopter squadron logo, a ferocious-looking green snake with fangs bared for the HSM-48 Vipers. The skinny body he’d had in high school was also gone, his slender form now cut and grooved in a well-toned physique. His runner’s legs remained his finest asset, the arched muscles honed from years of being pushed beyond normal human limits. The flesh on his left thigh was pale from having been wrapped in a bandage…and that snapped her back. She was here as a physical therapist. Not a former girlfriend.

“Albert.” Her voice was no more than a hoarse croak. So much for businesslike.

Albert glanced toward the doorway…then bolted upright on his seat, his eyes going wide. “Jess?” He blinked a few times. “Holy Jesus. What are you doing here?”

Her lungs heaved on her next breath. She took a moment to push the pain from her chest. “Sam didn’t tell you? Um…” She brandished her clipboard. “I’m your PT.”

Albert paused, probably to process that bomb-drop. It must have finally computed that she would have to touch him in her capacity as his physical therapist, because he blushed.

She blushed back.

“You, uh…” Albert stalled. His tongue swept across his lips. “I thought you were going to be a pianist.”

Disappointment pricked through her, twinging in spots all over her body. He hadn’t covertly checked her out even once on Facebook over the years? She had stalked him a time or two. She shrugged. “After Marcella died, I just couldn’t seem to go back to it. Okay, then…” Marching forward, she set her clipboard on the side table. “On a scale of one to ten, what’s your current pain level?”

His eyes clouded. “That’s too bad. You were great.”

“I still play,” she said, clearing her throat to dislodge her heart. “Let’s see what’s going on with your leg.” She wrapped her hands around his left thigh and started to knead toward his hamstring, a thread of warmth curling through her—God, his leg muscles were magnificent. But she only got about three palpations in when he grabbed her wrist.

His expression was taut. “Jess…give me a second here with this, would you?”