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Historical -- Tracy Tappan

The Barons’ War Trilogy

Enjoy three fast-paced adventures of intrigue and treachery,
politics and passion, in 13th century England during the Barons’ War.

INTO THE SILENCE -- Tracy Tappan


Book Three in The Barons’ War Trilogy:

Can a woman find her way back from the edge of insanity…?

Like her sisters before her, sweet and bubbly Emmaline le Corbet is forced into the bonds of wedlock as penalty for the role she played in a Royalist coup—but being wed to John de Vescy is scarcely a punishment. Her husband-to-be is dashing, handsome…and not a Royalist, as he had pretended to be, but a Reformer like her. On a mission for the Reform, John and Emmaline journey into the volatile Welsh borderlands, but get caught in the chaos of battle. Emmaline is separated from John and thrown into a nightmare so traumatic that she’s rendered mute. Unable to identify herself to her Welsh captors, she’s carted into the heart of Wales, where she’d offered as the winner’s prize in a formal combat. Her terror is amplified by the man who wins her. He looks more beast than man, and her horror just might drive her permanently into unrelenting silence.

Can a man emerge from his own locked heart for the sake of a woman…?

Bastard-born commoner Huw ap Owain doesn’t want the responsibility of the scared, young mute woman who is brought unexpectedly into the village, but when the evil Sir Wallace joins the contest to obtain the poor girl, Huw has no choice but to fight for her. A man of few words, Huw has no idea what to say or do with the timid creature he’s won. He resorts to telling her fairy tales each night, surprised when this begins to open a way into her silence. Slowly, the girl blooms back to life, and with her recovery, Huw’s own heart awakens. He ruthlessly stifles hope for a future with Emmaline, however, sure that someday her past will come to claim her. When that day finally arrives, an unexpected turn of events gives him the chance to gain everything he’s ever wanted in life…until England reignites into civil war. Huw can’t abandon his Welsh comrades to the slaughter at Evesham. He enters the final bloody battle of the Barons’ War, where a tragic end awaits him, never suspecting that Emmaline is racing to make a heartfelt sacrifice that will give them a chance at a lasting future.

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