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Paranormal -- Tracy Tappan

The Community Series

Enter the hidden town of Ţărână, where violence and love, evil forces and good,
vie for supremacy in the secret lives of the Vârcolac and their battle to survive.

Prey -- Tracy Tappan

Available only in eBook.


A FREE bonus novella to The Community Series
* Details on how to obtain this novella provided in the back of MOON-RIDERS, book 4 of The Community Series

Vampire versus Vampire Hunter

When two natural enemies collide, unexpected emotions arise between them, and in the resulting turmoil that rains down on their separate worlds, their survival quickly becomes a matter of who is really the hunter and who is…


** “Prey” is a bonus novella to The Community Series.
Please contact the author at for more information about how to obtain this novella for FREE!