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nter the hidden town of Ţărână, where violence and love, evil forces and good,vie for supremacy in the secret lives of the Vârcolac and their battle to survive.

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olatile sparks fly when two natural enemies face off. Vampire versus Vampire Hunter…but which one of them is truly PREY.

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resh from the cockpit of his near-death solo flight, flight student Ensign Eric O’Dwyer finds solace in the arms of a most unlikely woman.

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stranged for over ten years, former high school sweethearts, Albert and Jessica, get a second chance at love when Albert is wounded on a Special Operations mission and lands in Jessica’s care.

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hen a secret from DEA agent Nicole Gamboa’s past is unearthed, will her dreams of a future with Navy pilot Eric O’Dwyer get shattered forever?

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