Lună Zână is a short short companion to:

Three normally upstanding Vârcolac males break community law on a night of unparalleled freedom, but their secret mistake can’t stay hidden forever…

Every nineteen years a full moon rises on Beltane night….

Known as Lună Zână in Vârcolac folklore, this powerful moon holds special sway over the breed. Finding themselves lured by its potency, three males make a terrible mistake some years ago, but vow never to speak of their crime. For over thirty years, their secret remains hidden…until Book 4 of The Community Series, MOON-RIDERS, when the town’s gentle physician, Dr. Jess, will pay dearly.

**This is NOT a standalone book**

Lună Zână is a companion short story to The Community Series for readers already familiar with the story world. Please contact the author at for more information about how to obtain this short story for FREE!