Tracy Tappan has a hit series on her hands!

— Tome Tender

typical night turns into one of terror when Marissa Bonaventure is savagely kidnapped from her bed. Dragged into what looks like a white slavery exchange, she is helpless to escape…until a smoldering, dark-clad stranger comes from out of nowhere to save her. Marissa is brought to the safety of a quirky underground town, where she’s offered a hefty sum of money to work for a year. Saddled with a lifetime of responsibilities, she is all about earning big bucks to fulfill her dreams. The bonus—she can date the smoldering Dev Nichita. But as a string of surreal events unfolds, nothing about the community—or Dev—turns out to be what it seems.

Stubborn and arrogant, leader of the elite, Special Operations Topside Team Dev Nichita is used to getting his way. When Marissa rejects him for being a vampire, he reacts with fury and withdrawal. Then an unexpected death forces Dev to face how much he truly wants the mate of his heart. But is he too late? Or can his tenuous relationship with Marissa rise above lies, anger, an otherworldly enemy’s threats, and the vicious backlash from a century-old betrayal?

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The Purest of the Breed

Book number 2 in The Community Series

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Good Grief I love this series!

Good grief I love this series!! The fight scenes are fast and furious, but had moments where you would chuckle. Especially, the one-liners the Vârcolac would throw out.

— Julie Nailz

"This book is solid!  

Wit, humor, snark, love story, steamy romance, sexy men, secrets, intrigue, and fantastical creatures. What wasn't to love?

— Michel Breux-Rowley


Great paranormal read

A great follow up to the first book in the series. The love triangle bugged me a little bit, because I'm just not a fan of those and I would have liked to feel more of a connection towards Alex. I'm enjoying how the series is unfolding and am now off to read the next one.

— Linda