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Winner of the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Bronze Medal for Romance.

Abducted to a secret, underground community because of the special gene she carries, Dr. Toni Parthen is asked to do the unthinkable: procreate with a man from a race called Vârcolac. Headstrong and determined, Toni instead incites the other captured women to mutiny, and the hard, dark leader of the Warrior Class, Jacken Brun, has his hands full containing the revolt. He also faces another challenge—fighting against his burning attraction to the forbidden woman.


Finalist for the USA Best Book Awards for Romance.

Saved from a brutal kidnapping by special operative Dev Nichita, Marissa Bonaventure decides to stay when she’s welcomed into his quirky community. But as a series of surreal events unfolds, her reality shifts into something dangerous and bizarre. Dev isn’t who he seems, and the community’s enemies plan to use her as a pawn in a deadly game. While her world comes undone around her, Marissa’s newfound relationship with Dev doesn’t seem likely to survive.


With a single act of unspeakable cruelty, half-demon Pandra Parthen unintentionally binds herself to Vârcolac warrior Thomal Costache. Now two enemies are stuck together for life. But while Pandra eventually grows to want a real marriage, Thomal remains rooted in rage. Only when Pandra sacrifices herself to die in order to free him will Thomal discover that mercy lives in his heart. But no one has ever returned from the demon town where Pandra is trapped. Will the warrior be able to pull off an impossible rescue and earn himself a second chance at love?


Blood Bonded by Force

An unauthorized bite brings chaos to the lives of quiet but lethal warrior Breen Dalakis and free-loving Dragon Charlize Renault. The two strangers are now blood-bonded, but that doesn’t stop Charlize from shutting Breen out of her life…until he goes missing under suspicious circumstances, his disappearance triggering haunting memories for Charlize. Breen escapes death a changed man, and returns wanting a true relationship with Charlize. But while their passions have always been steamy, will these two be able to navigate through their wounded pasts to a deeply emotional connection?